An income sharing program (ISP) is a refer a friend program (RFP), which generates passive income for participants.

Most people are familiar with refer a friend or affiliate programs. In these type of programs you are rewarded for referring your friends, relatives, etc. to become customers of companies. These companies pay you for direct referrals, but do not pay you for indirect referrals. Let us, consider an example where you referred 10 clients and each of them also referred 10 clients. Therefore, in total a company has 110 new clients (10 referred by you directly and 100 referred by you indirectly). If these 100 clients also refer each 10 persons, the company will have 1,110 clients and so on. If not your referrals, this company would not have so many clients, but the company does not provide you with income from sales generated by all these customers. The only reward you have is for 10 direct referrals. Is it fair?

Income sharing programs pay you regular income as a share of sales generated by direct and indirect referrals (up to a predetermined level). Therefore, you have in addition to active income (for direct referral) also passive income (from sales generated by the indirect referrals) and this income is comparable with income from a job, micro-business, or other employment. As we can see, income sharing programs offer us the most efficient option to increase our income as measured by rewards per time and efforts.

Here are products/services, which have ISPs:

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2. Generated on demand (GOD) private crypto wallets

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6. Medical tests calculators

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1. Are ISPs some form of MLM?

No. In MLM participants are forced to buy products/services from MLM companies and then resell them to their friends, relatives, etc. In ISPs participants are not forced to buy and resell products/services, instead they are rewarded for referrals (direct and indirect).

2. Where passive income comes from?

Passive income comes from sales to indirect referrals.

3. How can I estimate passive income from an ISP based on my own assumptions?

Use ISPCalc